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Mixed Bed Standard Deionizer

Bernie from Tampa, Florida for a Class A RV:

"I used to pay up to $2.00 a foot to have my 40 foot Class A washed. Since I purchased the On The Go® Portable Water Deionizer, I wash the coach myself. I not only save money, my coach comes out spot free. I wish I would have found it sooner. A great product!"

Serena Payson from Illinois for Washing Car, Boat, and Windows:

"I purchased a standard water deionizer from On the Go in order to clean my cars and for odd jobs around my house. This unit saved me a lot of time having not to hand dry my cars as well as windows. I noticed no spots on my cars which made me happier because then I didn't have to re-wash my car and dry it with a towel. The capacity of the unit allows me to wash my cars, windows, and my boat multiple times without having to switch out resin for over a month."

Rick Coan from California for a Boat

"I purchased a Deionizer from West Marine to wash my 40 foot boat. I was amazed on how much cleaner the deionized water made my boat compared to regular tap water. It was also nice to be able to tote the deionizer with the handcart that On the Go sells as well. Everything was compact and convenient to carry around my boat to clean."

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Mixed Bed Double Standard Deionizer

Don from Salem, Oregon for a Fish Tank:

"From jobs around the house to filling in the fish tank the deionizer does a great job. We use it to wash the car, motorcycle, and all the windows. I haven't had to hand dry the motorcycle since I got the unit. It saves a lot of time."

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Mixed Bed Business Deionizer

Johnny from Fort Pierce, Florida for Window Cleaning:

"I own a window cleaning business here in Florida and found that using the On The Go® Portable Water Deionizer makes my job less time consuming and more profitable. It works great with my power washer and I no longer have to dry the windows. I can simply reach second floor windows and they air dry spotless. I would recommend this product to everyone."

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Dual Bed Standard Deionizer

Eric from Las Vegas for a Motorcycle:

"I received my On The Go® Portable Water Deionizer and used it right away on my custom chopper. A couple of days before I was caught in a thunder storm and the bike was just filthy. I washed and rinsed the bike with the deionized water and drip dried. It usually takes about 2 hours to wash and wax this bike. With your system it was spotless and gleaming in under 30 minutes. I would just like to say it takes a lot to WOW me. This product blew me away. I would recommend this system to everyone that takes the time to wash their own cars, RV's, hot rods and any other toys they like to keep clean and look good."

Dale from Elko, Nevada for a Small Airplane:

The twin tank unit works perfect in my hangar on the ranch. Here in Nevada, the dust is terrible and I need to keep my small plane clean. I have no worries about the affect the water will have on any of my plane's components. I also keep my cars clean and looking good.

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Dual Bed Business Deionizer

Jerry Blevins from Alabama for Alcohol Distilling:

"I currently own and operate a distillery in Alabama. I purchased the Dual Bed Business model to use deionized water to dilute the alcohol to a certain percentage. The dual bed business model fit snugly near my water heater and was easy to install and was ready right out of the box. No assembly required. Purchasing this unit allowed me to cut costs on production because I had to purchase the water from a water company. Now I can make my own DI water right where I manufacture my alcohol."

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Tri-Bed Standard Deionizer

Jason Hans from Virginia for Manufacturing:

"I manage a manufacturing line that does chrome plating for auto parts and we need pure water to rinse off the metal before plating the metal with chrome. I contacted On the Go after hearing about them from a co-worker. I got on their website and saw they had about 15 different models of deionizers so I called them to tell them what I needed and they helped me choose the right model for my application. I ended up purchasing a Tri-Bed model with an extra refill kit. I was impressed with the packaging of the product. The setup of the deionizer was simple, quick, and very easy. There are no tools necessary to assemble."

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Tri-Bed Business Deionizer

Gregory Alford from New York for Manufacturing:

"I bought a Tri-Bed business deionizer to clean of metal parts. The parts are cut and produced by water jet. Afterwards I used to clean the parts with regular tap water and noticed not all of the abrasive I used came off. I then looked into a solution and read that DI water was good to use because it had no metals in it to bind to the abrasive. After using the capacity of the unit I then purchased resin from On the Go because they offer virgin resin which is brand new and hasn't been regenerated. They offered me a good price and I will stick with On the Go."

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Ultra Tri-Bed Deionizer

Ronnie Smith from Savannah, Tennessee for a Bus and Auto Dealership:

"The Portable Water Deionizer is one of the greatest products to hit the market in a long time. I recently purchased a new Prevost bus that has considerably more polished stainless steel than my previous bus, and I am proud to say that I can now wash and then rinse my bus and it will dry completely spotless. I have rinsed my bus with your deionizer approximately 15 times since its purchase, and I have noticed no degrading in the quality of the water and no change in the prevention of water spots. I would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to save time and effort in washing and rinsing their motor home, since it eliminates the need to hand dry."

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Ultra Mixed Bed Deionizer

Leo Dauenhauer from Fort Wayne, IN for Glassware Manufacturing:

"With all the glassware that I sandblast, this has saved me a lot of time and money. I have cut my material and labor cost by 40% when it comes to the cleaning of my glassware. After sandblasting, I always had a media residue that took a lot of time to clean off the glass. Now I simply rinse the glasses in the DI water and they are spotless and ready to package without further handling. What a product! I have told others in my area of business about your product. It has done everything you said it would!"

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Ultra Dual Bed Deionizer

Paul Vernon from Georgia for Industrial/Manufacturing:

"I use On the Go's deionizer system to rinse off parts that have been previously powder coated. Before I purchased a dual bed deionizer from On the Go I used regular tap water from my faucet to rinse off parts. With this deionizer I noticed a huge difference. The metal lasts a lot longer and does not erode as quickly. I have even tried purchasing distilled and RO water from a local water company and the DI water still outperforms that. Not only is it more quality but it also is cheaper per gallon of water produced. I would recommend at any time On the Go's deionizer system."

Matthew Feagins from Nevada for Window Cleaning:

I needed deionized water for my window cleaning business and nobody in the area locally could provide me with what I needed. I googled deionized water and On the Go was at the top of the list so I clicked on the link and I was amazed with the professionalism of the website. It was easy to navigate for research about the business. I gave them a call about what I needed for my business and Ben answered my questions fully and was a great help. I ended up buying a dual-bed model. Once received it was easy to assemble and I had pure deionized water in no time. The TDS meter was good to have so I knew when the resin was getting bad. I went right back to On the Go and ordered a resin refill kit. They knew me from only one phone call and got me hooked up with the needed kit. A+ service

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The Road Wave

Captain Ben from Jupiter, Florida for a Boat:

"As the Captain and caretaker of 2 boats, I have found that the On The Go® spot free system makes my job easier and our boats spot free. It has completely eliminated all water spots and leaves me with little or no chamoising necessary. Since using the product, I have found that the wax on my boats lasts longer. Saltwater can really damage a boat's finish, but a quick rinse with the spotless system will preserve the wax coating. Also here in Southeast Florida, we experience black streaks, ash and dust fallout and by quick removal with the use of your spotless system the boat's finish is retained whereas removal later would be much more difficult. I would recommend this product to all boats across the country. Thanks again for the great spotless system from On The Go®!"

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