1. Connect water source to the inlet of the deionizer (if you have the Dual/Tri Bed DI's connect the units together with the cam lever coupler)
  2. Make sure deionizer is standing upright for use
  3. Flush out system for 2-3 minutes (This gets out all the resin dust. It might need to be flushed out longer depending on unit size and flow rate. Check the TDS before use.)
  4. Connect outlet to point of use
  5. Your new unit is ready for use


Step A: When output water quality has exceeded predetermined level, or when spotting occurs, DI water is no longer being produced. Shut off the water supply and remove tank head.
Step B: Empty resin into a waste container and rinse out tank. Dispose in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations.
Step C: Return distributor tube into the tank and place the blue cap over top of tube. Place funnel into top of the tank.
Step D: Slowly pour or scoop resin into the tank. Shake or tap tank to get all of the resin bedded. Tank should be filled to approximately three inches from the top.
Step E: Remove the funnel and blue cap. Replace tank head. Make sure all O-rings are properly seated. Insure seating areas are free from foreign material; apply silicone lubricant to surface of O-rings.
Step F: Connect the water source to the inlet of the deionizer. Turn on water and flush out the system for 2-3 minutes (gets out all the resin dust). The unit will now produce deionized water.